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#Hashtag Animation Fes 2021 受賞作品

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ーGrand Prizeー

たそやマロ(Tasoya Maro)

The song "Daisy" which is repeated in the beginning,
She is both a human and a flower.
This truth is not make her unhappy.
Being revealed is also her wish.
This anime leaves it up to the audience how it is interpreted, but "Daisy" married the wolf, and the theme of this piece is "love".


ーOutstanding Performance Awardー

『対の羽』(Tsui-no Tsubasa)

The friend left for the forest as the main character watched.
The two each had a piece of a "broken wing", and it always showed the direction where the other one was.
One day, the wing that the main character holds showed an irregular sign, and as he rushed to where his friend was...


ーAudience Award ー

『高野交差点』(Takano Kosaten)
伊藤瑞希 中田秀人(Mizuki Ito / Hideto Nakata)

In some city, at some time, 3 peoples' lives cross for a moment.
A story about the moment 3 stangers' paths cross.
A guy waiting for a bus, a girl running for her school club, a little boy riding a bicycle; I cannot tell what each of them have in mind.
Delicate movement and changes in expression, the use of white space, all contribute to the movement in their feelings.


- Arch Award -

『天才なんて』(Tensai nante)
淳三(Junzo / j3)

"A cool song was made, so I need to create a anime MV so many people can watch"was the driving force for making this.
I did everything from composing, writing the lyrics, recording to creating the MV all by myself.
There are many moths and butterflies within the anime.  Some may be wrong or not true, but did my own reserach from books and the internet as well as catching and studying.
The song expresses envy as well as respect for "geniuses".
Hope you enjoy.

メイン_熱砂(こちらでお願いします!) - _20220113_195752.JPG

- Cork Award - - Littlebit Award -

『熱砂』(Nessa)『Desert child』
チサトー(Chisato) child)

Some planet, some place, a trading city Aracub.
A strange cat visiting a city with a merchant seems to be looking for something. 
A crowded market, shining lamps, suspicious dancers.
Legends of the desert are taught with dolls in a majestic Mosque.
The cat finally finds what it's looking for, and looks with sorrow eyes at the desert...


- Fanworks Award-

『ダムダムボーイズ マンマシーン』(Damu Damu Boys Man Machine)

1st original anime series by KWANED "Damu Damu Boys"!
Main character Miyaji who doesn't have much money decides to work at a factory with his alien friend Ta-bo.
But...the place was run by scary machines!
Lot of parody included in this cult animation.


- Flying Ship Studio Award -

『サマーブルー』(Summer Blue)
めいにー (Maynie)

2021, a boy goes back to 1993 admist times of COVID.
There, "boy" meets "girl".
In a world without smartphones and internet, boy looks for a way to "go home to the future".
The two run around town hoping that they can find a way only if their phone gets reception...



『ねむらないよるのそこで』(Nemuranai Yoru-no Soko-de)

This is a story about a traveler flying around space randomly, and going on an adventure in an aquatic planet where the traveler lands.
I recommend watching this on a vertical screen.

2021-11-19 1.43のイメージ.jpeg

- wacom Award -

大河聡(Satoshi Taiga / Representative) 藤城瑠(Fujishiro)  
北條弘登(Hiroto Hojo) 梶川翔(Sho Kajikawa) 安藤大成 (Taisei Ando)

Esmeralda, the city within the dream.
Arika the mechanical doll, met a guy looking for the secret of the city.
She asks "Why were we born, and where are we headed--?"
In the city within the dream, a hymn of a doll watching over.


- Uda Award -

『ささやき星の話』(Sasayaki Hoshi no Hanashi)
新垣れいみ(Reimi Arakaki)

A story about whispering stars at night.
I wanted to express poetry with anime.


- ryo-timo Award -

いまいゆか(imaiyuka) 音楽:DADA GAUGUIN

MV made in conjunction with one-man band DADA GAUGUIN's music.  Kindness that everyone has, but can get lost during the cold days.
Hoping the spring can kindly melt those feelings.


- Tsutsumi Award -

『『夜ふかしの景色』(Yofukashi-no keshiki)
かざかみ すいと (Kazakami Suito)

A girl staying up late in a small room.  Finally she goes to bed but stares at her smartphone and stays up all night.
Morning comes equally to everyone.  What is the scene the girl saw after passing the night...



篠崎 イチ (Shinozaki Ichi)

Expressing the comfort of conciousness slipping away and struggling to stay awake while bathing in an unrealistic way.
Sleepiness while bathing is like slightly fainting from changes in blood ppressure, so the body should be aware of this danger, but can't resisting is like an "anesthetic".




Cell-look 3DCG.  Be careful of blood showing.



『卓上フェス』(Takujou fes)
ヤマダダイキ(Daiki Yamada)

Doing a fes at home, having to stay home from COVID!
Family reunion, singing and dancing, plants, incests, all energy from life are dancing on a small table.



『続・無限回廊夏』(Zoku Mugen Kairou)
螟上?邨ゅo繧(Natsu no Owari)

Many of my works uses "Scenes, people, places in my memory" to project "music, literature, and music", and this is a typical piece.
I have never experienced anything unusual in my childhood, but have repeatedly seen this view.
I am glad to have found anime as a means to project what I have seen.



『ねこちゃんおまんじゅうまつり』(Neko-chan Omanjuu Matsuri)
Director/川部直人(Naoto Kawabe) Music/佐藤信人 (Nobuhito Sato) 
Sound/平井達哉(Tatsuya Hirai)

The adventures of "Neko-chan Omanjuu" born in the Heian period



『SOYBLOQ with "Ball"』
Kim-Quy Nguyen

Two cute shiba-inus racing for their favorite toy!

※Selection from Japan Web Fest



『Light Doesn't Shine on You』

I return to the past in order to bury myself.
I conjure up my own life, things that actually happened, and a children's book that I once read.



『どうしようもなく、未来はくる。』(Doushiyoumonaku, mirai-wa kuru)
ぽしおか星人(Poshioka Seijin)

It will be alright.
The future will be on my side.
OK, it's us.
Cherry blossoms will still bloom.
This work illustrates "everyday life" of 5 characters that live in the same world.

​©2021 #Hashtag Animation Fes

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