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  Fes 2022


2022.11/15-12/14 place:

  • Twitterの社会のアイコン
【Discord Server for #HASHTAG ANIMATION FES】
We've created a Discord server for those who have, or are considering submitting.
This is a place to gather for those interested in # Hashtag Animation Fes.




Hastag Animation Fes is an online social media based movie festival which is a combination of "Crowdfunding x Short Animation Contest x Streaming"


All you have to do to enter is tweet your work using the hashtag "#Hash_Anime22".
Rewards totalling 800,000 JPY and a pen tablet will be available.

#HAF supports all creators from all genres that do and want to create anime!

We also want it to be an interactive event where the audience can also participate in addition to the creators.  Let's make this an exciting event for new talent to emerge!





We are looking to raise funds for the operation and streaming of the event.
Individuals in addition to corporates can support #HAF which supports creators.

Period:October 16 - October 31

Rewards: Listing backers' names on the website, backers' names read during the stream, #HAF crowdfunding audience votes, etc

【Online Contest】

Those participating in the contest will need to tweet their original anime video (or animation GIF) using the #Hash_Anime21 on Twitter.
Tweeting automatically registers participants to the contest and the audience will be able to see them right away.
We'd also like the audience to make this exciting by liking and retweeting the entries!

After the submission period, the judges and special judges will choose winners.
*We require all participants to read the contest rules below, and acknowledge the use of the anime videos as well as other guidelines.

Contest Guidelines

Submission Period

November 15th, 2022 to December 14th, 2022.
*Winners are planned to be announced in January 2023.

Submission requirements

All professional. amature, student, individual, team, nationalities are accepted.

Movie requirement

over 15 seconds, under 15 minutes.  Since there are restrictions on video  lengths on Twitter, include links to other platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo in the tweet in these cases.

Must be animations completed after January 1st 2020.  You may submit works that have been previously released or submitted to other contests.  You may also submit as many animations as you want.

If the work has animation content, it is eligible.  Whether it is a music video, Vtuber content, Manga video, 2D/3D, mix with animation and live action, you name it.

English subtitles required for videos that are not in Japanese.  If no subtitles are provided, it may not be eligible.​

Please make sure that the animation does NOT infringe the rights of other parties and cannot contain materials owned or controlled by a third party for which you have obtained the rights to.  You will hold harmless, release, indemnify and discharge #HAF and related members, agents, and affiliates from any dispute arising out of or related in anyway to the contest.


When submitting your work on Twitter, please tweet using the hashtag "#Hash_Anime22".  Please also use the following # so it is easier to serach animation by genre.


Production Method
#初アニメ:For people who are creating their first animation
#マンガ動画:Manga Video
#VR_anime:VR animation
#blender:created using Blender
#clipstudio:created using CLIP STUDIO
#TVPaint:Created using TVPaint
#AE:Created using AfterEffects

Judging Guidelines

- Regardless of the genre, something that shines, and judges feel the potential
- Can feel the fetish and areas of strong passion by the creator
- Makes you want to see more
- Will also reference likes and retweets

*Sponsor prizes will be based on the sponsor's individual guidelines 

#HAF Grand Prize (1 entry, 100,000JPY prize, and will ask for a paid production for an illustration for a crowdfunding reward)
#HAF Second Prize (1 entry, 100,000JPY prize)
#HAF Crowdfunding Audience Award (1 entry, 100,000JPY prize)
#HAF Sponsorship Award (10 entries, 50,000JPY prize)
#HAF Wacom Award (1 entry, 13 inch Wacom One digital drawing tablet and pen)



Copyrights shall remain with the creator of the animation.

Submitted work may be uploaded to a separate website managed by the operation team for the purpose of judging for the contest.

Entries may be featured in streams.

Submitted work may be used in events, social media, websites, posters, pamphlets, and online videos such as YouTube related to #Hashtag Animation Fes.  Upon making the submission, you grant #Hashtag Animation Fes and its sponsors the right and license to use the content on a non-exclusive, royalty free basis.

Our sponsors may also may post your content in relation to the #Hashtag Animation Fes.

By submitting you work on twitter using the #Hash_Anime21 hashtag, you agree to the handling of the rights as outlined above.


Work that has been finished before 2020 will not be eligible.

For creators under the age of 20, we will require a written approval by a parent or guardian.

International prize winners will be responsibles for any charges relating to fees, taxes, and other charges arising from receiving prizes within their own jurisdictions.

We will be sending Twitter DMs to all winners, so please make sure the settings allow for us to send you messages.


We will be streaming progress and results.

We will be viewing the submitted animations with judges and special guests, so hope everyone can enjoy the event.

Streaming period:November 2021 to January 2022.

*We anticipate streaming before, during the submission period, as well as when the results are announced.



Kenichi Kutsuna 

Born in 1983. Animator and Director. Marza Animation Planet. Part-time teacher at Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences.  Works include "Fullmetal Alchemist", "Naruto", "Gurren Lagann", "Tetsuwan Birdy Decode:02".

  • Twitter


Hosted a "Solo Animator Exhibition" with the theme of "Displaying Animation" in Ginza on October 2021, and was able to realize 31.45mm JPY over 9 NFT transactions.  Collaborating animation with different industries based on the concept of "creating a new genre of animation and exhibiting the attractiveness of Japan to the world".


Kodai Sato

Founder and Representative of Studio Nanahoshi.  Anime Director. #HAF Organizer.
Directed "Delivery Kitten Unyan", "Engimon", "Mienai, Wazawai".

Hoping this fes will create opportunities for creating animations.

  • Twitter

Asuka Dokai

Animation artist and director.  Distinctive rich color visuals, and shortfilm personally made were on screen in domestic and overseas film festivals.  Selected as top 100 visual artists in 2021/2022.  Key works include MV's for mafumafu's "Shiori", and Meychan's "Imani Miteroyo!"

Founded animation team "Kiko" in 2022, and works on MV's and CM's.

  • Twitter

Nao Hirasawa

Animation Producer.  Representative Director for ARCH and Graphinica, Director for YAMATOWORKS and Yumeta Co., LTD.

  • Twitter

MAEDA Chisei

Organizor of live movie event "FRENZ" and rendering talkshow "RENDA".  Producer of Nihon Unko Gakkai, Representative Director of Chisey Inc., Director of Nakano Research Institute.  Director of TV animation "Aooni - The Animation -" and "Rilu Rilu Fairilu Season 3".

  • Twitter

Junichi Yamamoto

 Has won various animation awards with original animation content.  Directed TV animation series and OVA as well as VR games. Directed "Fuufu Ijou, Koibito Miman." and also preparing for his next directed film.

  • Twitter

Sponsors/Special Judges

Arch Inc.

Arch is a production company that aims to serve as the gate for all fellows of the anime-content industry to explore new opportunities and generate new values.

Usagi-ou Inc.

We are an anti-high-end "kawaii" anime team. We fly at low altitudes but always manage to squeak by (at least so far). Always trying to score above 70 and constantly (mostly) meeting deadlines. That's our policy.


Kodansha Cinema Creator's Labo

"We will give you 10mm yen. Would you like to create a short film?"
Looking for projects to aim at winning an Academy Award.  Live action, animation, CG, any genre welcome.

Visit our site for more details

Cork Inc.

A creators' agency with a mission to "change each person's world with the power of storytelling". Cork works with various creators, like manga artists and writers, and manages their intellectual properties globally through multiple medias. Cork challenges to make a new entertainment industry model for the Internet age that goes beyond conventional publishing and distribution by delivering new works to the world and connecting fans and creators directly with enthusium.

Noovo Inc.

Founded in January 2020 with the mission of "increasing anime creators that can thrive in the digital content distribution era".  Strength in next generation digital creators such as young animators, and produces and provides high-quality animation contents ranging from promotion to final contents.

Fanworks Inc.

Founded in 2005, Fanworks began producing animated media with web anime “Yawaraka Tank”, and has since expanded into short-form TV animation, a globally viral OTT platform original series, and hit theatrical animation.

  • Twitter
  • Twitter

Flying Ship Studio, Inc. 

Flying Ship Studio, Inc. is a CG video production company that works on a wide variety of projects, including television, commercials, original content, and in-game movies. The company works in a wide variety of artistic genres, from cel-like 3D anime, to storybook-style computer graphic to full CG video using Vrays and other rendering technology.


Littlebit Inc.

Develops, designs, implements, operates, and manages data of production systems for animation productions.



Founded in 1983, Wacom is the world’s leading manufacturer of interactive pen tablets and displays as well as of digital styli and solutions for saving and processing digital signatures and markets and distributes products in over 150 countries.



Making recommendations regarding innovation, challenges to technology and different industries for the "Anime" industry through our journal.  Providing opportunity to creators and organizations through hosting events.



Animation director.  Unique history of working on his website between delivering newspapers and night-schooling to working for the game and animation industry.  Creating "fun" in animation making through his experience in character design, animation director, and director.。

  • Twitter

Main Visual


tasoya maro

Grand Prize winner for # HASHTAG ANIMATION FES 2021 with her work "Daisy".
After graduating from Tama Design University Graphic Design Department, started working as a designer.  Creates illustrations, designs, animations in her personal time.
Finding the balance of obesssion and objective for work, and creating what she wants to see herself for personal.

  • Twitter



# HAF Producer

Ryo Hamanaka

Established the "Anime-Poi Base " community which is an online community aimed at the creation of something new through anime-ish experimentation.
Serves on the board of trustees at ANiC.​

  • Twitter

#HAF Director

Koudai Sato / Founder and Representative of Studio Nanahoshi

Created Studio Nanahoshi on the premise of creating contents that will give children dreams, and the ability to imagine in 2017.
Directed original content such as"Delivery Kitten Unyan" and "Engimon" as well as animation creation for "Chikip Dancers", "Kaiju Step" and "Obake Zukan" etc.​

  • Twitter

The story of #Hashtag Animation Fes

While the indies animation scene is gaining popularity, there are still very few places to present to the broader public or go on screen.

Also, the economics around creating an original anime series isn't easy either, so continuing to release can be a challenge.

Therefore, we wanted to host a festival that could help creators who are or want to create anime.

We want this to be an opportunity for people to get started on creating anime, or support existing efforts.  We want this to be something for creators to look forward to and aim for.

We wish for all those supporting us including the many that have supported this cause through crowdfunding, to make this exciting for creators that will be joining the event!!




​©2022 #Hashtag Animation Fes

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