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#Hashtag Animation Fes 2022 受賞作品

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ー Grand Prize ー ー Noovo Awardー

『広がる、せかい』(Hirogaru Sekai)
栗谷多恵​(Tae Kuriya)


The animation illustrates the mental development of a shy girl who likes to draw.
The girl is extremely afraid of people and stubbornly refuses to show her drawings.
She is shocked by her classmate's comment that there is no point in drawing if people don't appreciate it, and she becomes reluctant to draw.
However, through various encounters, the girl comes to face painting again.

ー Outstanding Performance Award ー ー ANiC Award ー

『ライヒト調査録』(Leicht Chousa-roku)
■Main Creators

Soldier Leicht, sent by the police organisation Black Crusaders, enters a huge red pylon to search for a missing unit, where he is confronted by strange monsters...

ー Audience Award ー


Mameoni and his friends are going about their lives when suddenly their friends are kidnapped by a mysterious shadow!
A small and familiar adventure to save their friends begins.
Please enjoy a world composed entirely of ink paintings.

ー Arch Award ー

​『超でかい竜が君を狙っている』(Chou Dekai Ryu ga Kimi wo Neratteru)
Choreography: 安藤未知(Michi Andou)

MV based on Nijo-san's MV "Chou Dekai Ryu ga Kimi wo Neratteru".
The theme is "what is self", "what is love".

ー usagi-ou Award ー

u子(U ko)

Animation on paper.
Break dancing.

ー Kodansha Creators' Lab Award ー

みずみずナマズ (Mizu Mizu Namazu)

Everything in this world is heading towards collapse at its own speed.
Decadent ruins and a snowy world that refuses life.
The remnants of human life remain and snow piles up without emotion or melancholy.
In the same way as a city quietly and gently faces the fate of decadence, life and the wreckage of the city and its records are lost in the blink of an eye.
Why is it that speed causes more depression, where we are all facing the same fate of extinction?

ー Cork Award ー

『Bite the Bullet』
(Yuki Ishio, Yuya Kawabata, Shingo Sawada, Yusuke Shigeta, Zhang Kai-Yu, Himeki Tsuchiya, Kenta Toume, Koji Horiguchi, Nayuta Miyama, MOCHI)

The protagonist is the only human girl in a decaying, deformed city.
She prays to God and is given the power to repeat time, only to repeat the same day over and over again.
The story takes place in a city of decaying deformities
The world has become a world of deadly gases and deformities that have lost their will due to a natural disaster, and have to repeat their final hours over and over again...


- Fanworks Award-

『流れバス - Crab 蟹 Club』(Nagare Bus - Crab Club)

The "nagare bus" carries people's dreams.
While it easily transports passengers' dreams to faraway places, the bus only stops for a short time and quickly moves on to the next town.
However, the protagonist is unable to let go of his dream and also does not try to realize it herself.
Unlike "them," who get off the bus after their dreams are broken, she continues to ride the bus.
She no longer knows whether she doesn't want to get off the bus carrying her dream or she can't.


ー Flying Ship Studio Award ー

『Miss Fortune』

'My father left me a clue, and now I've come to a dangerous race. Is the podium the goal of this journey or the next clue? One man's journey leads to a series of misfortunes! Luck that will take off...! My name is Yuma! Lost Yuma!"
With the theme of "excitement and thrill", we aimed to create a non-stop entertainment video!
Please enjoy the animation with headphones!

- Littlebit Award -

『夜の花』(Yoru no Hana)
杉浦哲哉​ (Tetsuya Sugiura)

Night flowers blooming gracefully.
Dreams of men and women open at night.
Stamens flock to a single pistil.
The ugly but beautiful battle of the night world begins now.

- wacom Award -

Movie あるふぁ@(Alpha@)

Synce-riality is a word combining "Sincerity" and "Reality", and has the meaning of being sincere to what you believe in even in the reality where things aren't going as planned.
The protagonist was performing music on the street, but no one would listen to him and he kept failing auditions. One day he reaches his limit and runs away from his part-time job, but when he sees a live music club at the end of his run, he recalls a memory...


- ryo-timo Award -
『バイバイキョンシー』(Bye bye Kyonsie)

Even if I can't move my body, I still want to see you.
This is an animated music video for the song 'Bye Bye Kyonsie'.
The aim was to create a film that is cute, sad and will bring tears to your eyes at the end.
Please take a look at the world of the Kyonsie and the ending where the Kyonsie girl arrives.

- Nomination -

『Pillar Pillar』
muon no e

Waiting at an endless train station. Cold pillars standing close to people who, like me, are waiting for someone else.

- Nomination -

『クレイジーにクレイジーで』(Crazy ni Crazy de)

For the animation "Crazy ni Crazy de", I wanted to make the most of the song's fast pace and development, so I set the theme as "Space Police" and "A giant meteorite attack!?".
I have created this with dynamic movement and a sense of humour that will make listeners laugh.
I hope you will enjoy watching and listening to the world view that only I can create.

- Nomination -

Animation→しまりすゆきち(Shimarisu Yukichi)

This animation was produced in response to a request from ENYAstudio to create a music video. It was produced using only Clip Studio EX.
The animation is a single cut with a fixed screen, but we aimed to make it enjoyable to watch until the end.

- Nomination -

Animation:獏井 (Bakui)
Music:パルモカ (Parumoka)

The film is based on the concept that we could do anything without fear, but as we grow older we think too much and can't do anything.
The song expresses the inner world of the middle-aged protagonist and its conflicts in a pop comedy style.
The first chorus is about a all-powerful character created in his childhood, who is freed from the company building with a TV remote control bearing childishness, and the second chorus is about UFOs as an external factor, the end of childhood and progressing to reality.

- Nomination -

『息抜きのすすめ』(Iki-nuki no Susume)

Today, tomorrow, the day after.  Emotions build up within my body.
At those times, I have my ways of relieving melancholy.

- Nomination -

『ポリネーション / flower』(Pollenation / flower)
■Main Creators

The protagonist, who had lost an important friend and was living in a state of depression, one day took a pill he found in a drugstore, and to his surprise, his friend appeared before him.


- Nomination -

『マンガガールズ』(Manga Girls)
(大門 嵩、祁答院 雄貴)(Takashi Okado, Yuki Kedouin)

This was when I loved to draw manga alone.
Whenever I manga alone in school, someone would always followed me around.
'What are you, a stalker?" I'm in the trunk of my car to get away from him.
"Huh, he won't find me here." Just as I thought that, the trunk slammed shut and I was locked in. Then my cell went off. Oh no...


- Nomination -


The same scenery in the dreary rain.
The protagonist falls asleep on the train and meets a girl who reminds her of her childhood in her dream.
The protagonist smiles with a tired face.
The girl simply hugs the protagonist without saying anything.
This work delicately depicts the protagonist's gradually changing emotions, and also focuses on the expression of rain.
I produced this film with the hope that it will reach people who are trying too hard.


​©2022 #Hashtag Animation Fes

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